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Re: Brighton stage times

  • Subject: Re: Brighton stage times
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 01:40:12 +0000 (GMT)

Patterns gig ;
For some reason we used to laugh like hyenas at a tea-towel from an Aunt 
in New Zealand; 'It's long, but not very wide'. Ha ha ha ha....
Conversely, basement gig space at Patterns is very wide, but not very deep.
Didn't matter much to the gang though, they gassed it before, and during a 
fabulous gig. 'Dead Tree' opened it up, only had a week since getting the 
album, but would guess the rest of it was done pretty much according to 
the card ? X's, Sweet etc. If 'Wild Things' has become a stand out for 
some already, I have taken a shine to 'Retro Moon', but they absolutely 
nailed 'Poetland' tonight, total passion.
Everyone looking and sounding great after a fair try-out on the Road, I 
appreciate Gerard's pugnaciousness about nostalgia exercises etc, and 
everything from 'Welcome' was tighter than Islington last week, but but I 
think a lot of the Pony Boy banter is now only from flp's gently rattling 
his cage, n'est ce pas ? Any band in the world would be glad to have songs 
like that up their sleeve, but that's where they need to stay sometimes; 
this is not the Rolling Stones, after all....
But.....' Oak Apple Day' did it for me, coming out of the blue, I tried to 
place it, with eyes closed. Rolling Stones at their laziest best a loooong 
time ago.
Thanks to the gang for banging on, and to our moderator Steve for this 
space to bang on about it, I hate facebook.
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Date : 27/01/2017 - 02:53 (GMTST)
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Subject : Re: [BluePlanes] Brighton stage times
Looks like another drum with a club night after the live (Aeros) gig on 
saturday, David, 11pm-4am, so depends whether they sweep us out at 10pm, 
or just allow a natural turnover.
Great location though, took beers in the sun there before a 'Church' gig 
at another place a while back. Ticket people for this one have been a 
'mare, so still haven't got any even now, just turn up at 7 and hope it's 
not sold out, find out the batting order, and take a beer or two 
overlooking the iconic waterfront is my only plan......
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Date : 26/01/2017 - 19:34 (GMTST)
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Subject : [BluePlanes] Brighton stage times
Any word on times for Brighton? Need to sort out transport.
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