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Re: Friday's gig, Bristol

  • Subject: Re: Friday's gig, Bristol
  • From: "gordon.wilhelmi192" <>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2021 01:02:12 +0000 (GMT)

Takk Wessel. Perhaps next time.

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Sent: Monday, 6 Dec, 2021 At 09:12
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Friday's gig, Bristol

Thanks from the Netherlands for keeping us in the loop.
There is a setlist on <>
I don’t know whether it is accurate.
Best wishes,

Wessel Huisman

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Verzonden: maandag 6 december 2021 04:45
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Onderwerp: Re: [BluePlanes] Friday's gig, Bristol

Thank you Gordon !

Greetings from France,


On 6 Dec 2021, at 01:36, gordon.wilhelmi192 < <> > wrote:

Hi, non-facebook flp's

Spent most of today defrosting my freezer, ready for a fresh bout of omicrom-lead panic- buy hoarding, for Christmas, fer crissakes, so had plenty of time to reflect on Friday evening's gig at Fleece (est. 1982). For the benefit, or chagrin, of those flp's Stateside, or in Netherlands, Norway, or elsewhere, that were not able to make it, a brief report from one that could, according to the old fashion on this forum, and as I witnessed it...... Arrived 9pm to find them already into their second song; by ancient experience this therefore amounted to a 'matinee' performance, so I was all at slings and arrows for a while, so cannot accurately recite the Set-List, just took it in.... Presume they opened with 'Jacket', or otherwise this was maybe the first gig since 1989 they hadn't played it ? The tribute to Pat Fish was well observed, though I am trying to find the song. Boy in the Bubble was high octane; 'Beatsongs' was pretty well observed in it's 30th Anniversary, 'Colour Me' got unmasked audience participation, 'Fun' reminded me that Rodney was a missed anchor for a few years. I liked his 'Days of 49' as well. I took 'Jack Leaves' home with me for Eyvind, who won't be there again. Only one song from the long awaited new album (next spring, maybe???), but 'And Stones' got it's familiar treatment, Mike, Bec, Chris and John giving it a right going-over. Contrarily, of course, they finished the main set where I would always have them start it, with 'Broken and Mended'. There was not the space on stage for me to take my banjo up for 'Breaking', and I'd left it in London anyway, but you get my drift........? When everyone that can make it to these December gigs do, and those that generally can't, also do, they will need to play the Colston Hall (Ooops !) to fit us all in.
Season's greetings, flp's. G
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