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Re: Friday's gig, Bristol

  • Subject: Re: Friday's gig, Bristol
  • From: Bluemail <>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2021 04:45:21 +0100

Thank you Gordon !
Greetings from France,

> On 6 Dec 2021, at 01:36, gordon.wilhelmi192 
> <> wrote:
> Hi, non-facebook flp's
> Spent most of today defrosting my freezer, ready for a fresh bout of 
> omicrom-lead panic- buy hoarding, for Christmas, fer crissakes, so had 
> plenty of time to reflect on Friday evening's gig at Fleece (est. 1982).
> For the benefit, or chagrin, of those flp's Stateside, or in 
> Netherlands, Norway, or elsewhere, that were not able to make it, a 
> brief report from one that could, according to the old fashion on this 
> forum, and as I witnessed it......
> Arrived 9pm to find them already into their second song; by ancient 
> experience this therefore amounted to a 'matinee' performance, so I was 
> all at slings and arrows for a while, so cannot accurately recite the 
> Set-List, just took it in....
> Presume they opened with 'Jacket', or otherwise this was maybe the first 
> gig since 1989 they hadn't played it ? The tribute to Pat Fish was well 
> observed, though I am trying to find the song.
> Boy in the Bubble was high octane; 'Beatsongs' was pretty well observed 
> in it's 30th Anniversary, 'Colour Me' got unmasked audience 
> participation, 'Fun' reminded me that Rodney was a missed anchor for a 
> few years. I liked his 'Days of 49' as well. I took 'Jack Leaves' home 
> with me for Eyvind, who won't be there again.
> Only one song from the long awaited new album (next spring, maybe???), 
> but 'And Stones' got it's familiar treatment, Mike, Bec, Chris and John 
> giving it a right going-over. Contrarily, of course, they finished the 
> main set where I would always have them start it, with 'Broken and 
> Mended'.
> There was not the space on stage for me to take my banjo up for 
> 'Breaking', and I'd left it in London anyway, but you get my 
> drift........?
> When everyone that can make it to these December gigs do, and those that 
> generally can't, also do, they will need to play the Colston Hall (Ooops 
> !) to fit us all in.
> Season's greetings, flp's. G
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