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Re: Spare tickets for Sunday

  • Subject: Re: Spare tickets for Sunday
  • From: Matthew Semple <>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2019 22:47:19 +0000
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Really enjoyed the gig on Sunday even though I couldn't sell my spare 

I watched the end of the heavy metal instrumental band and I looked round 
and Wojciech was stood behind me. He seemed to be enjoying it (but not 

Amazing gig although I was surprised they didn't open with Broken and 
Mended especially as I was wearing my Broken and Mended T-Shirt!

Looking forward to the new album especially if their is a launch gig or 

Met both Gerard and Wojciech (again) at the end on my way back from 
getting my coat from the cloakroom.


Cheers Matthew

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From: BluePlanes <> on behalf of <>
Sent: Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 19:41
To: A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Spare tickets for Sunday

Yes, the saxist was introduced as Dmochowski....

He added beef to the guitar wall on a few numbers, and I could have taken 
it boosted in the mix a little, but purely subjective.

Reminds me, though, that way back in the mist I read something by someone 
on the inside, that it was a brother or relative of Wojtek that first came 
up with the name ' The Blue Aeroplanes', and searching credits find one 
Jedrej Dmochowski doing vocals on 'Tolerance' LP.

That's a fine line.....


------ Original Message ------
From: "Richard Wright" <>
To: "A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes" <>
Sent: Wednesday, 11 Dec, 2019 At 08:32
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Spare tickets for Sunday

The set list called that one ‘Hips like cigs’ it ended with Gerard saying 
as the music finished “next time around the revolution will not be 
televised, it will be streamed live and it won’t work properly’
Bec’s solo track was - ‘Adoration ‘
Mike’s was (I think)-‘Someone’
There may have been another new one in there somewhere

Final fact - the sax player shared the same surname as Wojtek

Sent from my iPhone

On 11 Dec 2019, at 08:07, Graham Inglis <> wrote:

Would've loved to have been there but sadly it wasn't possible. Hoping to 
get back home to see my parents early next year and you never know, it 
might possibly coincide with a new album release party. Well one can 
dream, right?
Obviously depends on the extent of Gerard's tweaking frenzy.
We're all curious about the opener that Gordon mentioned - any kind of 
recording somewhere that those less fortunate can have a wee hearing of?

Keep those ailerons trim

On Tue, 10 Dec 2019 at 10:07, Richard Wright 
<<>> wrote:
What was especially good was grabbing ten minutes with Rodney after the 
gig as he was tidying his kit away. I first saw them at Liverpool Royal 
Court on that R.E.M. tour in ‘89 I’d completely forgotten that it was not 
long after Hillsborough and Stipe , who was unaware of the implications, 
made a point of stopping a crush at the front of the stage. Rodney said 
there was an earie silence as the crowd pulled itself back into shape 
before the band started up again. BA were inspiring that night and I 
rushed out to get Swagger as soon as I could. Meeting Rodney and Gerard 30 
years later after a lifetime in between was just great. Gerard said that 
the new LP is complete but he’s restless and wants to tweak a few things 
now some of the tracks have been played live.

Sent from my iPhone

On 10 Dec 2019, at 08:51, Paul Vallis 
<<>> wrote:

Some astute observations from Gordon, but then I would expect no less.

The conversation has certainly become more sporadic over the years, but 
it's always nice to have the opportunity to keep in touch when the mood 
takes. Hopefully a new lp next year might spark a bit more interaction?

In the meantime, there was a terrific turnout on Sunday - great to see 
everyone again and apologies to anyone I may I have missed. A terrific set 
too. Nice to hear Colour Me again - always a favourite of mine.

PV1 (or was it 2?)

From: BluePlanes 
<<>> on 
behalf of<> 
Sent: 10 December 2019 02:28
To: A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes 
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Spare tickets for Sunday
Ah...! There is life in the old dog yet !

Conversations on the drive out from London yesterday to the effect that 
this, Steve Thomas's 'Discussion List', seems to have fallen victim to 
many forces too many to guess at, but facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, 
depravity, inactivity, boredom, age or maturity, alcohol, elections, 
Christmas, choosing George Best's greatest goal or choosing the next 
timber finish to yet another £10,000 kitchen makeover must surely be 
amongst them, perhaps.

We reflected that but for this List, we would not have been driving out to 
Bristol again yesterday anyway, because we would not have known each 
other, the List having posted Nev's invitation to the Buttermarket gig in 
Shrewsbury 2004, at which we fortuitously met.

So thank you Steve. Don't need to thank the band for last night, it was an 
excellent set of old and very new, and they appeared to enjoy it every 
much as a packed house did, but posting to this List has become a one way 
conversation in recent years, and those types of conversation are tres 
boring, n'est ce pas ?

Very fine to see former poster's to this List, though; Blueglass Vallis, 
mosh-pit Hendry, Austen, Julian, like a family affair without sex.
At least one person there had reason to wonder whether he'd ever make it 
to another, but that's been ticked, so we buzzed back to Beckenham today.

If anyone is still alive out there, give me a take on the new song they 
opened with, please; great catch at the end,

'The future..........


But it won't work properly.......'

I should not prefer people that I agree with, but I do.....

profound and most kindest regards to all,


------ Original Message ------
From: "Matthew Semple" 
To: "A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes" 
Sent: Sunday, 8 Dec, 2019 At 18:01
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Spare tickets for Sunday


I have one spare ticket also. I usually go with a friend but he has just 
cancelled because he is poorly.

So if anyone wants to go they can have the other ticket for face value - I 
think it is ~ £20 incl booking.

Let me know - email is<> or text on 07958 

Aiming to get there between 8 and 8.30 to see the 'Planes (who are on at 
9.15 pm)

Thanks Matthew

From: BluePlanes 
<<>> on 
behalf of<> 
Sent: 03 December 2019 10:23
To: A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes 
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Spare tickets for Sunday
I’ve also now got a spare ticket and will sell at face value. Let me know 
if interested.


Sent from my iPhone

> On 2 Dec 2019, at 15:31, WARD, SIMON 
> <<>> wrote:
> Due to medical circumstances, I now have two spare tickets for Sunday's 
> gig at the Fleece. Have put them up on Twickets if anyone is interested
> Simon
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