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Damn !

  • Subject: Damn !
  • Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 03:22:40 +0100 (BST)

No Christmas gig this year ? Whilst I fully understand management's right 
of refusal etc etc.... it does come after after a fraught period here, 
after or during which we were hoping for the usual balm.
First, Auntie Nellie took sick last March, and has struggled to come out 
of it better than when she went into it. Whilst trying to cope with that 
my house got burgled. Finding nothing of any use, the perpetrators stole 
my wallpaper ! Apart from the extra sticky bits in the corners which are 
always difficult to strip, they took every square inch, even the flying 
ducks in the bathroom ! To add insult to injury, the officer from the 
local constabulary pointed out that all the fingerprints would be on the 
paper, not on the walls, when prompted.
Social Services turned up a day or so later with a second hand paste 
table, but I already have one of them, obviously, but I nevertheless found 
myself volunteering to hang wallpaper for them somewhere, at some time.
Crazy world.
Is there really not a Blue Aeroplanes December concert ?
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