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And another thing.....

  • Subject: And another thing.....
  • From: "Paul Vallis" <>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 13:35:58 +0000

About having your album title track not actually on the album itself, this has been done a couple of times at least by Robyn Hitchcock, of whom I believe Gerard is an admirer - at least he wrote a review of a Hitchcock gig in Venue a while back. The title track of Hitchcock's Queen Elvis album appears on the subsequent album Eye, and the title track of You and Oblivion appears on Moss Elixir.

Perhaps Nick whose computer seems to be possessed by a malevolent sprite will confirm any further examples?


From: Lisa Ash <>
Subject: Re: Re: [Blueplanes] Can't think of a catchy title!
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 14:38:10 +0200 (CEST)

(...and did it come with a bonus CD featuring My Nan's Neighbour's Lodger on backing 'vox' and Sylvia Plath playing the electric Tuba or something? It was like a Nick Drake Afghanistan bongo re-mix that's quite hard to track down, but if you mention enough silly named bands that no-ones ever heard of, you can get it from someone, somewhere, eventually...? Thought so! Can I also just say, I just spent bloody ages typing all this up once and the stupid pissin ISP timed me out. I really, REALLY hate it when that happens!) Right then, I have a scoop - which actually, is not really any kind of scoop at all, but it may put a little smile on some faces around the world... Gigs in Bristol on 1st July and at the Boarderline (London) on Friday 2nd July aren't happening. Gerard wanted to re-issue Swagger and have a line-up to match, but people are busy so rehearsals for the gigs can't happen in time. (You all probably already knew this, but I've been away for a loooooong time, so if this is old info - ignore me... or shoot me - either is preferable to my computer crashing after half an hours typing without saving!) New album is nearly sorted, they're just waiting for the finished artwork for the cover which is being talked about tomorrow. The album may be called, "Stars In Your Crown" (about three words too long for a Blue Aeroplanes album I'd have thought!). This is also the name of a track, but the title track won't be on the album - very conceptual! Least, I think that's what he said - he mumbles and my mobile's crap! There WERE no plans to play Ashton Court ("They haven't asked me!" - I mean, PURLEASE!), but after some serious manipulation using my superior nagging and bribary skills, I think there's now a big possibility that Gerard, Rodney and a couple of others will do what they did last year (did they? I wasn't there) and play in the Acoustic Tent. Amazing what you can get these days for the promise of a pint of piss-water and a slice of carrot cake from the Organic Food Stall! (Ashton Court is in Bristol on 17th and 18th July, it's cheap as chips to get in and it's TOP!) Anything else you wanna know, just ask and I will don my trilby and dark sunglasses and go investigating...
And remember... Lisa's ear.
Message date : May 27 2004, 12:00 PM
From :
To :
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Subject : Re: [Blueplanes] Can't think of a catchy title!
Ah Nev's Room.

Now that was a band.

Michael Stipe on washboard, W H Auden on piano and cookery.

The famous Blackwatch Kilt sessions have recently been made available on CD
(Welsh Trotter Napsack Label). Pretty rough mix but if you listen closely you can
hear Bob Dylan's dog.

It's all yours.

Send me the money.

Philip the Fifth


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