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Re: BluePlanes Digest, Vol 137, Issue 4

  • Subject: Re: BluePlanes Digest, Vol 137, Issue 4
  • From: "gordon.wilhelmi192" <>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2023 21:31:43 +0100 (BST)

I love those unexpected cameos. Missed London gig last Friday, with two tickets burning a hole on my mantlepiece, but Jedrzej crashed the Swagger re-issue gig at Borderline in '06, and Nick Jacobs was there also, for Cat-Scanned. At a subsequent gig there, Ian Keary was seen duck-walking in motorcycle trousers playing mandolin. Angelo went fret- to-fret with Mike at Fleece last December, a mutually honourable draw, and always great when Rodney Allen can be there.
Question; Does 2024 mark the 30th Anniversary of 'Life Model' release ?

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Sent: Saturday, 30 Sep, 2023 At 11:49
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] BluePlanes Digest, Vol 137, Issue 4
I was there at the front! Having read posts about Glasgow, Gerard being less physical or at least more tentative was expected; but he seemed to return to his old self as the gig went on. The big unexpected appearance was Jedrzej for ‘Tolerance.’ He belted it out! And he’s almost as nimble as Wojtek. I really hope that December date is being reserved for the Christmas gig.
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On 30 Sep 2023, at 11:18, Mike <> wrote:
Yes, that's a very 'Planes shaped hole in the schedule isn't?
If it is, I'm guessing they're waiting to see how the two shows in the last week have gone before announcing. And maybe to maximise the attendance in
Anyone there last night?
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Sent: 29 September 2023 13:00
Subject: BluePlanes Digest, Vol 137, Issue 4
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  1. Re: Glasgow (gordon.wilhelmi192)

Message: 1
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2023 10:10:02 +0100 (BST)
From: "gordon.wilhelmi192" <>
To: A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Glasgow
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Yep, Gareth, I've missed the banter and golden nuggets of Steve Thomas'
forum also. I think Facebook and it's brethren turned the type. They call it
progress, if that makes any sense.
I can only report what you already now know; Everybody seemed to have a
great time in Glasgow last Friday. Sound was awful for vocals, but sonic
guitars x4 led us by the nose.
If it is any compensation, I spent 15 odd years getting out to Bristol for Christmas gigs from London, fell in love with the place so much I moved here
last winter, only to find that gigs were to be in Glasgow, and LONDON !
Now, does that make any sense ?
A word in your ear, though, Fleece still has no act booked for Friday 1
December. Gordy
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From: "gareth james" <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, 23 Sep, 2023 At 16:41
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Glasgow

this thread has seemingly been dead for years and all of a sudden Mike's
email drops and I discover, from the website, that there was an album out earlier in the year, and there were gigs to promote it which were cancelled,
and now rearranged, and Gerald's had cancer...?!?!?
Also they're playing in London this Friday I see....sadly I'm at a funeral
all day and evening....

I can't believe there weren't emails about it, so how have I've not seen
tell me more more folks....what else have I missed?


On Saturday, 23 September 2023 at 16:13:47 BST, Mike
<> wrote:

After April's cancellation, I'll admit I was worried most of the week
whether or not last night's show at Stereo would go ahead. But go ahead
did, thankfully.

Gerard seemed to enjoy himself, even if he understandably didn't have
same energy as previously. The set was a couple of songs lighter than in
recent years, but that's understandable too.

The sound was a bit aggressive, which affected all the vocalists to some
extent at different times, but, you know, guitars!

Mike, Bec and Rita all had their own turns - M&B their current songs
Culture Gun, but I'm not sure what Rita's was - fairly sure it wasn't
previously played The High and The Mighty (the chorus might have been
variations on Who's in my head/ Who's in my bed). If anyone can update with the correct song title, that would be cool.

Nick Jacobs guested on 'Warhol's Fifteen' and the encores.

Otherwise, it was a predictably great show and it was so good to see

Mike M

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