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Re: Glasgow

  • Subject: Re: Glasgow
  • From: "gordon.wilhelmi192" <>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2023 00:42:31 +0100 (BST)

Yep, the venue is a concrete bunker foreswearing sound acoustics vocally, but the music, four guitars ballet dancing around each other, each with it's own pointe, was just fine. Becs was particularly fine on some of the older material, 'Bury Your Love' is always poignant. Missed the band when Nick Jacobs was still a regular but it means so much to see that solidarity with 'Warhol's 15' etc. Last time I saw him at a gig with the band he delivered 'Severn Beach'. Everybody seemed to have such a good time. Gordy

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From: "Phil Mason" <>
To: "A Discussion list for The Blue Aeroplanes" <>
Sent: Saturday, 23 Sep, 2023 At 18:07
Subject: Re: [BluePlanes] Glasgow
A hugely enjoyable show that picked up momentum as it went on. I thought Gerard was looking healthier than when they played the “Welcome, Stranger!” gig at Broadcast in Glasgow in 2017. I hope that is genuinely the case. The sound was, indeed, predictably muddy, but at least not as deafening as the last time around. It would be great to see/hear them somewhere that isn’t a minimally repurposed concrete basement. These sorts of venues are fucking Dickensian, man, and better suited to the shoutier songs. Up to eight members on stage, including Wojtek, whose dancing was not as impeded as the audience’s, who had to contend with a sticky spilt-beer floor (perhaps we can blame the Flock of Seagulls fans who were in the night before for that). They have dispensed with guitar leads these days so the weaving of the band members around the stage, especially, during Breaking In My Heart, was achieved without technical calamity or personal injury.
Liked it so much, I even bought a T-shirt.
More, please.

On 23 Sep 2023, at 16:13, Mike <> wrote:
After April's cancellation, I'll admit I was worried most of the week
whether or not last night's show at Stereo would go ahead. But go ahead it
did, thankfully.
Gerard seemed to enjoy himself, even if he understandably didn't have the
same energy as previously. The set was a couple of songs lighter than in
recent years, but that's understandable too.
The sound was a bit aggressive, which affected all the vocalists to some
extent at different times, but, you know, guitars!
Mike, Bec and Rita all had their own turns - M&B their current songs from Culture Gun, but I'm not sure what Rita's was - fairly sure it wasn't the
previously played The High and The Mighty (the chorus might have been
variations on Who's in my head/ Who's in my bed). If anyone can update with the correct song title, that would be cool.
Nick Jacobs guested on 'Warhol's Fifteen' and the encores.
Otherwise, it was a predictably great show and it was so good to see them
Mike M

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