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Re: BluePlanes Digest, Vol 121, Issue 1

  • Subject: Re: BluePlanes Digest, Vol 121, Issue 1
  • Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018 00:58:24 +0000 (GMT)

Yep, Erik is coming over to get the Fleece gig with his son.
If one of your tickets becomes available, Austen, would like to hear about 
it, thanks.
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I may have a spare for the Friday - really looking forward to the Fleece. 
Any Norwegians coming for that one too
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Today's Topics:
   1. Church@Fleece blog... (GORDON WILHELMI)
Verrry quiet here on the Mailing List......
Even the Aero's Fleece gig selling out, and extra Exchange gig 
announcement didn't get an airing here !
The wonders of more contemporary social media, I suppose...
In the spirit of 'use it or lose it', however, just to report here, that 
The Church set at Fleece the other night was utterly sonic. I came in from 
London in the company of Norwegian Branch of FLP's, though Eyvind has been 
following The Church for even longer than the Planes. Erik also made it 
from that country, his son studying at Uni in Brizz, but also of long term 
appreciation of Church, and Blue Aeroplanes.
To keep it subject related, Rodney fanned the embers to a flaming evening 
with a fondly received set, Gerard was reported to be around, Max Noble 
also, and Chris, of course, laying it all on.
Word from the committed is that it was the best Church gig for many years, 
and I'm not arguing, utterly sonic jangling guitars.
Spent so long with my eyes on plans for that night, neglected to secure 
tickets for the Aero's gig until it was too late, but will be at the 
Exchange, so see some of you there, perhaps...
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